Fair Trade System

Why was KCU Ltd accepted to the fair trade system?

The system much as it wishes to assist small producer can not reach each individual.It has  to work with small producer organizations which are believed to bear the following characteristic;

  1. Should be a democratic organization where   benefit are distributed equally among its partners and decisions are made within the participative structure
  2. Should have transparent administration where people at grass root level are informed about management of the resources -the established primary society network within KCU ltd structures allows such transparency.
  3. Should promote fairness and justice where there is discrimination against any race,religion,gender or political affiliations.with the voluntary membership of KCU,discrimination lacks room for its existence.
  4. Should look for sustainable development understood as the improvement of the producers,their families and communities.
The products KCU Ltd delivers to the fair trade system carry with them a message and rightly so that they come from a group of small coffee producer who fulfill the above requirement among others.

KCU Grades








A small coffee producer who has benefited from fair trade premium at his farm