The KCU Export manager, Mr.John Kanjagaile (Right) greets The Minister of State(Left) when he visited the KCU pavilion during the world Food celebration in Moshi.

KCU small producers attend to their coffee farms

Mr. Vedasto Ngaiza

KCU General Manager

Organic cofee project Coordinator demostrate the use of coffee hulling machine at a primary cooperative society.

Packing instant coffee in packets at the TANICA Coffee factory

Board Members of Kagera Co-operative Union (KCU)

Engineers at work at BUKOP coffee curing factory which is owned by KCU

The headquarters of Kagera Co-operative Union in Bukoba

Officials of KCU display tins of instant coffee at a trade fair

Members of Buhendangabo Primary Co-operative society in group picture with visiting guests from KCU and Belgium Coffee community

Packed coffee ready for shipment at Kemondo Bay

Members of KCU admire the trophy won at the Peasants day celebrations in Dodoma.

KCU (Kagera Co-operative Union)

Kagera Co-operative Union (KCU)  is a Voluntary Association of 125 Primary Cooperative Societies representing over 60,000 small farmers, including this one, of the mainly Robusta Cofee in Kagera Region in the north west of Tanzania (West of lake Victoria).  It is scattered within the districts of Bukoba, Muleba and Misenye.
The three districts cover about 15000 sq km; characterised by traditional villages each village with perhaps one or two primary societies.

Each primary society is owned by about 500  small coffee producers. Kagera Co-operative Union Ltd therefore has about 60,000 members.  For a primary society to be a member of KCU Ltd, it has to own shares in KCU.